Lawn Care


Due to pets, sports, playing, and foot traffic, the compaction of the soil may be overwhelming to your lawn’s health. During the process of aeration, the small holes from plugs of thatch and soil provide perfect opportunities to introduce water, oxygen and nutrients to the roots of the grass. Over time, the soil beneath your lawn gets compacted, which impedes root growth. For a beautiful, healthy lawn you need to get air, water and nutrients down through the thatch and soil and into the root zone.


In order to keep your lawn thick and free of weeds, an over-seeding will fill in thin, bare areas. For best seeding results, Go Green recommends to do an over-seeding with an aeration. This will allow new seeds to fall into holes perforated by the aerator.


Thatching is an important aspect of lawn care. Thatching is removing the dead and old grass from the lawn system. This allows new grass to grow and removes the unattractive brown and yellow grass from the lawn.

Fertilization Program

Ensuring your yard is fertilized is vital to the health and well being of your lawn and shrubs. Go Green offers completely organic lawn treatment programs at the most reasonable prices available. We ensure that our practices are not harmful to the environment and our customers.

Shrubs & Hedge Trimming

At some point all decorative tress and shrubs have to be pruned and trimmed to maintain a desired appearance and overall health. For most all bushes, hedges and small trees, trimmings can be done in the spring and fall just before winter season.

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