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  • What a great company, very professional and clean work. Will never hire anyone other than Go Green.

  • Very affordable and professional, always answers my calls and gives me the best advice.

  • Very pleased with the services. very professional company left my lawn spotless and green with their organic material, and leveled my backyard with organic compost - never saw my grass this green!

  • Very clean net edging, flowerbed cleanup and spring cleanup - very happy!

  • Happy I used this company! Will never do my lawn again - leave it to Go Green the professionals!

  • I use go green to do my lawn and cut my trees. They were on time, very professional and did a great job I was very satisfied!

  • Very polite and professional crew gave me more than I expected and left my property spotless like I never saw. Go Green is the way to go!

  • Go Green is the landscaping company to go with. They are very professional, job creative and knowledgeable. We recently purchased a house and they took our vision and made it even better than we expected! We are very happy with the results. We absolutely use them for future projects, and highly recommended to use Go Green for your lawn care services.

    Marly L. of West Hempstead, NY